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Welcome to 3roadsjunction, a clothing brand based in Melbourne, Australia, founded by two lifelong friends who shared a dream of creating a unique fashion brand. Our journey began when two individuals, one with artistic talent and the other with a business mindset, came together to turn their dream into reality. We believe that our combined skills and passions can create something exceptional that stands out in the fashion world.

At 3roadsjunction, we aim to merge three distinct styles - Japanese anime, graffiti and pop art - into a fusion of colours, patterns and designs. Our vision is to create a unique style that blends these different styles together, producing an explosion of colour in a junction of fashion.

Our name, 3roadsjunction, is inspired by the Camberwell Junction, a location that has been the backdrop for most of our lives. The three roads that intersect at Camberwell Junction signify the three different styles that we aim to blend together, creating something new and exciting.

Our clothing is designed for individuals who seek to express themselves through fashion, people who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and embrace their individuality. We believe that clothing is a way to communicate your personality, your passions, and your dreams to the world. Our designs are unique, bold and vibrant, and we take pride in the quality of our products.

At 3roadsjunction, we are committed to sustainability, ethical practices and creating a positive impact on our planet. We believe that fashion should not come at the cost of the environment or the people who make our clothes.

We hope that you enjoy our clothing and that it inspires you to embrace your unique style and express yourself through fashion. Thank you for choosing 3roadsjunction.