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In the Beginning

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

We started 3roadsjunction in 2020 it was the vision of two lifelong friends to try and start a clothing brand. Wait...wait let's go back in time.........The year is 1983-84 and one of us was already into art and discovered Graffiti art which was oozing globally out of NYC and he was instantly hooked in a big way. Sneaking out of the bedroom window at night riding his trusty BMX up the lines to find walls to paint his name on.

The years are now rolling by and in the mid to late 80s, he was well known and was a member of probably one of the most famous '80s graffiti crews in Australia. It was this passion for all things art that led him into doing T-shirt designs for hip clothing brands in Melbourne and this is the reason why many many years later his friend suggested.....

"Hey let's start a clothing company".. Sounds simple right?