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keep up to date with the behind-scenes of 3roadsjunction.


Updated: Dec 10, 2022

So now it's late 2020 and we are getting our heads around how to actually start an

e-commerce T-shirt business. The first step is the name and what style of designs we are

going to sell. We came up with 3roadsjunction. This has multiple meanings and is the main inspiration for the brand name as we both live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne close to Camberwell which has the unique Camberwell junction which consists of 3 main roads that cross over each other.

We decided since one of us is still into all forms of art and graffiti, and also loves Japanese dark anime let's do graffiti tees with a fusion of Japanese anime with a blend of pop art.

Now that's a crazy mix and these styles together would make for some great designs.

So finally the brand name is done, and the art behind the brand is on the right track so now it's time to build a website and work out how can we afford blank tees and hoodies, after a bit of research we realized it was a risky and expensive way to start.

So with very little money, the best way to begin this journey is to dropship not only does this help us slowly get our brand name out there it teaches us how to actually run an e-commerce store. We gave ourselves a year or 2 to get enough knowledge and experience and a little bit more money behind us to finally drop the dropshipping and get our clothing brand up and running how we envisioned it earlier.

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

We started 3roadsjunction in 2020 it was the vision of two lifelong friends to try and start a clothing brand. Wait...wait let's go back in time.........The year is 1983-84 and one of us was already into art and discovered Graffiti art which was oozing globally out of NYC and he was instantly hooked in a big way. Sneaking out of the bedroom window at night riding his trusty BMX up the lines to find walls to paint his name on.

The years are now rolling by and in the mid to late 80s, he was well known and was a member of probably one of the most famous '80s graffiti crews in Australia. It was this passion for all things art that led him into doing T-shirt designs for hip clothing brands in Melbourne and this is the reason why many many years later his friend suggested.....

"Hey let's start a clothing company".. Sounds simple right?